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The urgency of prayer

10/16/2016 in Category Bobby Arkills, Leadership

There is an urgency in my life right now. Let me explain.

My oldest daughter, Kelsey, is a senior in high school. In 10 months she’ll be on her own, attending college and somewhat... More

Summer heat got us like…!

8/12/2016 in Category Education, Teen Parenting, Bobby Arkills, Youth Ministry, Leadership, Campus Life, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Sex Trafficking, City Life, Camp

What a summer it has been! From pool party's to YFC Camp, baptisms, and more... our team has been working hard to make this summer memorable for youth across Pierce County. Check it... More

Starting “Parent Life”

5/5/2016 in Category Teen Parenting, Bobby Arkills, City Life

“Wait, you forgot your daughter!”

No, this wasn’t a declaration at the end of swim practice or following a long day at school. This was a snapshot of the day our oldest daughter, Kelsey... More

Being A Dad

4/5/2016 in Category Bobby Arkills, Leadership, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Sex Trafficking

As a dad of 3 teenage girls... there is a certain statistic in the United States that breaks my heart, specifically, because my daughters are between the ages of 14-17.

"300,000 children... More

Jesus Overcame

3/25/2016 in Category Bobby Arkills, Leadership

This Easter, we remember that Jesus is the one who conquered and who overcame.

From Bobby Arkills

He lived the life that we could not so we could join in His banquet and be welcomed as... More