Category: Leadership

Why Tacoma YFC?

6/4/2019 in Category Volunteers, Youth Ministry, Leadership, Campus Life

By Frank Jackson, Tacoma YFC leader since February 2018

This is the question I have asked myself over and over in the last 9+ months. I keep coming back to this answer: because I was a lost... More

Don’t Make It Weird

4/29/2019 in Category Volunteers, Youth Ministry, Leadership

Does connecting with teenagers in your life feel like learning a foreign language? One youth worker shares 5 great tips to get you started!

My wife and I were having dinner with another... More

God Decided That YFC Wasn’t Over for Me

4/20/2018 in Category Volunteers, Youth Ministry, Leadership, City Life

From Campus Life in Damascus, Maryland, to City Life in Tillicum, WA,  Emily is an example of the courage and commitment of our leaders. Emily’s story starts in high school by giving her life... More

How Young People Meet Jesus

2/2/2017 in Category Core, Youth Ministry, Leadership

My Core team is made up of myself and three high school girls who love Jesus and love their lost friends. One of our weekly exercises started with each girl telling me, "I want to get closer... More

The urgency of prayer

10/16/2016 in Category Bobby Arkills, Leadership

There is an urgency in my life right now. Let me explain.

My oldest daughter, Kelsey, is a senior in high school. In 10 months she’ll be on her own, attending college and somewhat... More