How Young People Meet Jesus

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My Core team is made up of myself and three high school girls who love Jesus and love their lost friends. One of our weekly exercises started with each girl telling me, "I want to get closer to God." So, I gave them an example of what intimacy with God can look like by encouraging each of them to just sit in silence with the Lord for 10 minutes and practice listening for the Holy Spirit.

As an adult, I struggle with this, so I was already preparing to tell them how Jesus still loves them even when they get distracted, and start thinking about boys instead of God during quiet time.

But God’s plans are always better than my expectations.

One of the girls, Kelsey, prayed and sat across from an empty chair (for Jesus) and listened. She got frustrated when she didn’t hear anything and then listened again, still frustrated, she listened but continued to feel frustrated.

She listened once more and this time the Lord gave her a bible verse and the name of a friend she had met at camp this summer. This friend told Kelsey she was an atheist. They had not spoken since camp. Kelsey was so excited she heard from the Lord she didn’t even have time to be worried about rejection. She immediately texted her friend. She simply asked how she was doing and the girl began to pour out how she had been struggling the last couple months. Kelsey told her to pray and listen for God. Shortly after, Kelsey’s friend reported back that she felt peace.

Encouraged and excited, Kelsey continued to listen to God and reached out to a couple more friends.

Those kids didn't say yes to Jesus that day, but they did experience the love of a God that sees and knows them through a girl who knows how Jesus loves her and is being equipped to reach out in love to her friends. Kelsey grows deeper in love with the Father and is learning to recognize the voice of His spirit. In addition, her friends know there are people out there that care and want to encourage.

This brought me to my knees celebrating the victory God has over our youth!

Before I started YFC Core ministry here in Tacoma, I volunteered with our City Life ministry on Hilltop. Sometimes people are confused why I’m now coaching Christian kids when my passion began pursuing “lost” kids.

I believe in young people and empowering youth who know Jesus. When they start falling more in love with Him then they are motivated to reach out to their peers. These students can have a capacity to be in meaningful Jesus sharing relationship with 8-10 other students whereas I can only be with 2-3.

78% of new believers are influenced by a friend to follow Christ. I am so passionate about seeing the Kingdom grow, and believe this generation of youth can be a significant part of that. The truth is, fully equipping students to love, live out and tell their friends about Jesus IS the most effective way to reach lost youth.

Story written by Rachel Askew, Core Coordinator.

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