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Imagine being 16 years old, committing a crime, and going to live in juvenile detention. You wait for your release, knowing what awaits you: the same friends, family, and life that got you into jail. How can you forge a new path for your life? 

We are in Remann Hall four times a week offering chapel services, small group Bible studies, one on one counseling, and life skills classes to detained youth. Volunteers are committed to weekly involvement with youth at Remann Hall. Our volunteers work with the probation department to mentor youth upon their release back to the community. YFC has been working with youth in Remann Hall for over 30 years.


As part of our Juvenile Justice Ministry, A•NEW brings hope for all teens who are affected by or at high risk for Sex Trafficking. We empower teens to "write their story a new" with support and resources provided through loving relationships.

What we provide.






Mentorship Program

The YFC Mentoring Program is dedicated to encouraging and empowering youth through one-on-one relationship. We believe one healthy adult who is committed, caring, and supportive can make a difference in the trajectory of the life of a young person, especially youth at risk. We believe this type of mentor relationship develops the confidence, character, and academic skills a young person needs in order to see positive outcomes and succeed and thrive in life. 

Mentees receive guidance in:

  • Pro-social Conflict Resolution
  • Job Skills and Acquisition/retention
  • School Re-engagement
  • Civic Literacy
  • Moral Literacy


To learn more about JJM and our specific programs, please get in touch with Brenda Boback.

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