Most of the stories told about foster care are negative. In the news and online, it seems like nothing good ever happens for foster kids. With 11,000 kids in the state of Washington in foster care, and more coming in every day, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

Youth For Christ Foster Care is writing a different story - one about hope and Life. One Child is a movement. A declaration that we will not stand by while injustice happens to children in our own neighborhoods. A commitment that Love can restore the most broken hearts of children. Love and dignity for every birth parent of a child in foster care. One Child is faith for even the darkest stories to be healed, and the most broken families to be restored.

The state provides 70% of the cost to care for children in our program.  The rest comes from partners like you.  $15 a month or more helps provide a stable home for a child in foster care, and the kind of support that foster parents need to meet those critical needs.

Join One Child and give life to the story of young people through Foster Care each month!


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