What do Kool & the Gang and Tacoma YFC have in common?

Posted on by Bobby Arkills

What do Kool & the Gang and Tacoma YFC have in common?

I love 80s music.  Whether it’s Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” a song from the Thompson Twins, Howard Jones or classic U2…I just love that era of music. Having graduated in 1987 and a survivor of some forgettable fashion trends (think, Members Only jackets, parachute pants and leg warmers) there is a special place in my heart for these songs that harken back to my days as a North Kitsap HS Viking (”Lutefisk, Lutefish, lefsa, lefsa…we are the Vikings, yah, sure, you betcha!”).

As 45 of our Tacoma YFC family gathered this past Saturday night at Ed and Stacey Ogle’s we spent a few minutes doing something that I often forget to do (and yes, I’m tying it to an 80s song)–”Celebrate good times, come on!” –a popular party song put out by none other than Kool & the Gang.

I have to admit, I often have a deficiency in the “celebration” gene. I can be so driven, so task focused, that it’s easy for me to move on to the next project or big vision for Tacoma YFC without slowing down long enough to look “back” and thank God for his goodness and faithfulness through 2010. Here are a few highlights I shared with our staff:

  • Over 5100 kids involved in Tacoma YFC ministries in 2010
  • Nearly 850 kids gave their lives to Jesus for the first time
  • Over 700 kids are now involved in weekly discipleship
  • We mobilized 600+ adult volunteers to pour their lives into kids, sharing the gospel

Wow…amazing…all highlights that are only possible when the Lord is directing the show. That 15 minutes on Saturday night when we paused, looked back, and took time to “Celebrate!” was therapeutic for my soul. It reminded me that God doesn’t delight in my busyness, nor award me because of my accomplishments, but rather he takes the greatest joy when I’m simply available, willing, and ready to serve Him with all of my heart, soul and mind.  He wants to use us to do great things for His Kingdom…but those “great things” are worthy of “celebration” moments.

So, back to the title–what do Kool & the Gang and Tacoma YFC have in common?  We’re both taking time to “Celebrate good times, come on!”–for Tacoma YFC, it’s kids like Ryan, Canaan, Breanna, and Anika who are being changed daily by Jesus.  If you’re reading this blog and partnered with Tacoma YFC in some form this year–whether with your time, through your prayers and finances–thank you for helping make 2010 our best year ever!  I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for 2011!!!

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