Her story is true. It hasn't been sensationalized or exaggerated. It's the real unfolding story of a young woman we know.

Shayla’s* boyfriend tells her she’s pretty, buys her expensive jewelry, clothes, and trips to the salon. It feels good to get attention from an older guy.

But there’s a price. In a flash his sweet talk turns into coercion, giving into taking. Shayla’s boyfriend is a pimp – and she is his latest project. Their relationship spins out of control. He tells her she deserves the slaps and she starts to believe him.

Shayla stands at the crossroads of two paths.

While her boyfriend lures her into sex trafficking, her friends at Youth for Christ tell her she’s beautiful on the inside –that she is worth more than clothes, jewelry and good looks. To Jesus, Shayla is worth his very life.

Shayla’s story unfolds in our community every day. Her journey is just beginning. We pray she will hear the call of Jesus to give life to her story. But she might choose the pimp. On either path, we’ll be with her: always believing in redemption, always loving her, always offering hope.

Today, thousands of teens in our community stand at a crossroads.

$15 a month places a Youth for Christ staff or volunteer at those crossroads. We go into the worlds of young people with the message of Jesus. We’re joining their unfolding stories every day, but we can’t be there alone.

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*name and image have been changed for confidentiality

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